American Pacific Mortgage

American Pacific Mortgage

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July - The Heat is On!

Rates continue to hit records lows, and property values are following suit. Sales volume appears to be picking up. Of course, this is the traditional buying season!

Reminder: if you’re holding onto a loan with a rate over 5.5%, you most likely should refinance. Rates are in the low 3’s for 5,7 and 10 year loans, and in the mid-4’s for 30 year fixed rates. Specific rates all depend on loan size, property value, and FICO score; and for loan approval you’ll need to offer up your firstborn child. NOT! But sometimes it feels that way these days!

Fun in the Sun:

Our Fourth of July was spent with old friends on their boat in the Dana Point Harbor. We kayaked around the harbor, and witnessed the water fights in the main channel where young and old alike—on all kinds and sized watercraft -- enjoyed splashing each other with power hoses, water guns, buckets of sea water, etc. What a sight to see!

We’ve attended the first two free concerts in the park here in Dana Point: a Fleetwood Mac cover band, and last week --the Parrot Heads. You’ve got to love Dana Point and all their community events. The parks offer harbor and ocean views in the Sunday afternoon sun while participants of all ages dance and socialize.

We’re loving summer. We had a short camping trip to Santa Barbara, where I crashed on my mountain bike. Then Steve and I explored the Jalama Beach Resort north of Gaviota, which we’d read about but never seen. It’s beautiful but very remote. We camped at our favorite spot in El Capitan. And, I’ve recovered from my knee injury!

Steve is still commuting to Dallas, and I’ll accompany him later this month. I hope it isn’t sweltering! At least I’ll have a swimming pool…What have you been up to