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Saturday, February 4, 2023



One of the most common questions we hear from home buyers is about gift funds.  You can use gift funds from a relative towards a down payment and in most cases, there is no tax consequence to the donor.

The current annual amount that is tax-free, or excluded from taxes, is $17,000 per donor per individual.  For example, a couple may gift to their child $34,000 tax-free.  ($17K per donor) They may also gift $34,000 to their child’s spouse.  And, to all their other children and spouses, grandchildren, etc. at $17,000 per donor per recipient. 

But, what if they gift a larger sum, $200,000 or more?  Right now, the lifetime exclusion for gift tax is $12,920.000.  Yes, almost $13 million per individual.  A gift larger than $17,000 per individual must be reported to the IRS on form 709 and yet, no tax is due unless and until the donor passes the threshold of $12.92 million.   However, this threshold expires in 2026.  At that point it will likely revert back to $5 or $6 million.  Funds already gifted over that threshold will be “grandfathered” and no gift tax will be due.

We always suggest consulting with a professional CPA, tax preparer or estate attorney on these matters.  But, for most of the “hoi polloi” (the common people, or the masses) this will likely not present a future tax issue.  If you are a Hoi Oligoi (elite or the few) you may owe taxes for larger gifts.


You’d think that short term ARMS (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) would have lower rates, right?  Not in this environment.  Since the market anticipates more volatility in the short term-- and that rates will drop sooner than later, short term rates, for 5- and 7-year ARMs are HIGHER than for 30 year fixed rate loans right now.  This is the dreaded “inverted yield curve” foretelling recession on the horizon. 


Yes, it is that time of year again! We are in the process of sending out the final closing statements for all clients who closed a loan in 2022.  This is necessary when prepping for your 2022 tax return.  This year the due date is April 18 for individual federal tax returns. The IRS is already accepting filings. REMEMBER IF YOU PLAN TO BUY OR REFINANCE THIS YEAR, HAVE YOUR LOAN OFFICER REVIEW DRAFTS PRIOR TO FILING.

Recently a client reached out with a complaint regarding capital gains on the sale of a rental.  This in turn affected her Medicare premiums.  A quick review of her taxes revealed her CPA had entered the wrong basis for the property upon inheritance, which means she overpaid by a hefty amount on her taxes.  Good news:  Amending the returns will result if a refund of over $30,000 and an attendant reduction in the Medicare premiums.


Yes, you can use a reverse loan to buy a home.  This increases your buying power, and there is no monthly payment required for the loan. Please reach out to us for more information.  These are a very useful tool in the retirement planning process.