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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holidays, Safety and Wintertime Blues

This week we lost a dear friend of my son Drew. Drew was married last September, and he and his wife MaryGrace are expecting their first child any moment as I write this.

I am very excited to see my first grandchild...but very sad about the loss of his friend.

Mitch Romero was a childhood friend of Drew's from Tustin. The outpouring of grief from his friends has been overwhelming. The sheer variety of his friend is amazing. I am learning more about him and his life as I read FB postings about him, but I can tell you he was a loving husband and father, an amazing photographer and a spirited and spiritual human being. The picture below, from Drew's Wedding reception, shows Mitch on the left with Drew and two other close friends.

Why an I sharing this?

Mitch died alone in his cabin in Northern California. He'd created a green cabin powered by solar energy...but had just installed a new heater for the coming winter.

He failed to install a C0 sensor. Carbon Monoxide sensors are now required by California state law in every home, one on each floor, and outside all bedrooms. They may be purchased for around $20 at any home supply/home depot type store.

Mitch died in bed. He just went to sleep and never woke up, leaving his young wife, daughter and a child on the way--who luckily were home.

His friends have set up a memorial on at the Mitch Romero Memorial fund. here is the link:

If you feel the inclination to help support his young family during this holiday season, I know it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, please be sure to install C0 sensors in your home if you haven't yet. Today all real estate appraisals require them, and I always advise clients to purchase them prior to property inspection.

Be safe during the holidays, I hope they bring you much cheer. Here is the last photograph Mitch sent to a friend from his cabin door, complete with a rainbow.