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American Pacific Mortgage

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Will You Need an ARK this Rainy Season?

Protect your home in case of flooding. If you don't already have flood insurance, you don't live in a Federal Flood Zone per the FEMA maps. But, you can still purchase flood insurance...and for much less than if you DID live in a Flood Zone.

Flood insurance protects you from ground water that enters and/or damages your home. And this winter may be the year you need it, if we do receive torrential rain as the El Nino prognosticators are predicting.

I purchased a flood policy for my rental property in Orange since it has flooded twice in the past during heavy rains. And, I am purchasing a policy for my home in Dana Point as well, just in case. I feel the extra cost is well worth it in case of damage to either of the structures and their contents.

If you need an agent I highly recommend Jon Firey of Firey and Associates, located in Laguna Hills. Jon has handled my insurance for years as well as many of my clients, who all speak highly of him. His website is and his phone is 949-542-7222.

Keep safe and dry and don't delay, since flood insurance does not take effect for 30 days after putting a policy in place.