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American Pacific Mortgage

Wednesday, October 4, 2023




The latest news for multi-family housing is developers have slowed/stopped new construction.  This is primarily due to higher interest rates coupled with greater difficulty qualifying for loans.  This will translate into higher rents, particularly in the coastal areas of California where housing is already in short supply and high demand.

Translation:  Prospective buyers should not wait for rates or prices to come down, as neither is likely in the next 12 months.  No one anticipates home values to decrease.


We are offering a personal loan program – NOT a Mortgage loan – for auto loans, remodels, swimming pools, debt consolidation, recreation and more.  This is not recorded on your home and has no effect on the low rate first mortgage most of our clients have. The turn time on these loans is extremely short, even overnight, and offers a quick and easy way to access fast cash.

Loan amounts can vary from $5,000 to $100,000.  Loans are underwritten based on income, assets, and credit.  The process is completely digital and there are no up-front fees or prepayment penalties.

Click here for the link to a quick qualification process:  Personal Loan Link


Real estate taxes are coming due, and must be paid by December 10th to avoid penalties  The second half taxes are due by April 10th.  Such great timing for Christmas and tax time, huh?

Self-employed borrowers should have their taxes reviewed by us prior to filing if they are considering making a home purchase or refinance in the next two years.  Writing off too many expenses can kill a home purchase or refi, unless you want to use a bank statement loan which carries a higher rate.


I’m writing this from Madera (just north of Fresno)  where I am temporarily staying with my sister who suffered a stroke.  My sister lives alone and we were extremely lucky her daughter sounded the alarm when she could not contact her one morning. 

She is improving daily, and we expect a full recovery.  This has been a big wakeup call and reminder to be grateful every day, keep your loved ones close, always do your best and be kind to all.  And, take good care of your health.

As always, call us with any questions or concerns.