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American Pacific Mortgage

Monday, May 5, 2014

Milestones, Spring and Wedding Season!

There is so much to report, I don’t know where to begin! Let’s get business out of the way first:


Rates have been slowly creeping up, but still in an erratic fashion. International events, such as the recent actions of Russia in Ukraine, have had a positive effect on mortgage rates.

For now the overall outlook is positive in terms of Real Estate sales volume, steadily rising values, and mortgage rates still in the mid-4’s for most loans. Of course there are many variables that affect your rate! Some programs have loosened guidelines, and I have even seen hints of bank statements-only programs….but overall we are still working in a very conservative underwriting environment.


Both Steve and I celebrated BIG birthdays (!) in grand style earlier this year. We had a lovely dinner party at our home for him in January, and hosted family and close friends.

In mid-February we took our entire family (14 in all, including my baby grandson and spouses/partners) to CocoView on Roatan in the Caribbean. We had an absolutely marvelous and unforgettable time scuba diving, playing games, snorkeling and just generally relaxing. Our family flew in from Vermont (Ken) Michigan (Katie and Paul) Illinois (Courtney) Sacramento (Moselle) San Jose (David) and the rest of us all from LAX via Houston or Dallas.

You can imagine it was a logistical nightmare---but we all arrived eventually-- and we stayed in three rental homes right on the beach.

We held a ceremony one afternoon to celebrate my late mother Patricia’s life. I can honestly say this trip was the best vacation of my life. It doesn’t get any better!


My birthday was in March, and I had a quick trip to Dallas the week before which was filled with evenings out. I really enjoy the restaurants in Dallas! We had a birthday dinner at Al Biernat’s, an institution in Dallas. Our last evening we went to Nick and Sam’s where we were served with complimentary champagne and caviar, for my birthday. Wow! I can’t wait to return in May…it will be nice and warm. The pool at Museum Tower is the absolute most beautiful pool in Downtown with views of the skyline.

My daughter Katie was married April 26th in Palm Springs. All in all, it was a lovely week from beginning to end, and involved non-stop parties and never-ending things to do. Her new husband Paul is from Wisconsin, so there was a large contingent of friends from Wisconsin and Michigan, where they live now, and plenty of locals from SoCal and NorCal. Katie’s bridal party were all athletes from Cal, Michigan and UCLA. Notable guests included Katie’s high school swim coach, her childhood babysitters from our old neighborhood, and lots of new and old friends and relatives who traveled a long distance to witness the event. The reception was held outdoors at the Historic Cree Estate which boasts the largest private pool in the desert (it actually has two pools and a Jacuzzi on-site).

The estate was occupied by most of the wedding party from Friday through Monday. A fun-filled time was had by all! I rented another home, the Sonny and Cher estate, with my sister and stayed there with her kids and Steve’s…we hosted a family event before the wedding. Nice digs! I love VRBO-


I attended a fabulous concert in Denver – Justin Timberlake or “JT”, for those of you in the know. I met my sister and daughter in Denver, where we were joined by my niece --who attends the University of Colorado, Boulder. We stayed at a “Hip” hotel walking distance to the concert. Unfortunately when we left the venue after the concert, it was near blizzard conditions, so we couldn’t walk back, and had to fight over a car to get back. However my sister is very persistent, and convinced a cabbie he HAD to take us! We all lived to tell the tale!

I hadn’t been in Denver for years and the downtown is experiencing a resurgence of new restaurants, wine bars, galleries, etc. All in all, the 20/20 Experience concert was the best I can remember ever, and I love concerts! Do see it if you have the chance. The sheer variety of genres JT can handle is amazing, and his dancing had me trying the same moves on the way home (not a good idea in the snow!!!)

Life is great and I feel very lucky! Here I am with my two handsome sons. Next up: Cozumel in June...
Take Care!