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American Pacific Mortgage

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Market Update

More Inventory, and even more buyers!!!

The spring selling season is here!  The seller’s market continues with demand outpacing inventory.  And, prices continue to rise despite stubborn interest rates. We are seeing more competitive bidding again for many homes.  In order to stand out, buyers must be fully pre-approved and ready to act swiftly.

Rates are high compared to the pandemic period, but are still running close to historical averages.  Expert guidance is key to navigating the mortgage process, especially for first time homebuyers.  Be sure to work with a knowledgeable and experienced lender to streamline the process and ensure a successful close.

Here is the current conundrum regarding rates:  Prices are high, CPI is high, and inflation is higher than the Fed wants.  The Feds will apparently only reduce rates when CPI falls.  Which will only happen when home price appreciation cools.  Which will only happen when there is a sustained increase in housing inventory.  Which will only happen when rates fall.  And, back to the beginning.



When planning for a home loan, whether a purchase or a refinance, it is paramount to understand the factors that influence your FICO score.  And, remember there are different scoring models. Clients may tell me what their FICO score is, but when I pull a Tri-Merge from Experian, Transunion and Equifax, which is required for a mortgage loan, the scores are quite different. 

1.      Payment History – Late payments, especially on any mortgage are a critical negative factor.

2.      Credit Utilization – Keep balances to less than 30% of credit available; this is typically the most common issue affecting FICO scores we see

3.      Length of Credit history – the longer you have had credit, the better.  And, being added as an Authorized User to a relative’s long-standing account may help, check with us first!

4.      Credit mix – Installment loans (auto loans) or leases help your score when coupled with revolving credit. And, have at least two or three revolving credit accounts.

5.      Inquiries – typically these have the least effect on your score although consumers believe otherwise.

We frequently work with clients to assist them with credit repair.  Here are some of the most common questions we hear:

1.      Should I pay off my credit cards and/or car loan?  Not necessarily, unless they are affecting your debt-to-income ratio.  You don’t need to be debt-free to qualify for a home loan.  And sometimes it is best to have a small balance on some accounts.

2.      Should I close my credit cards that I don’t use anymore?  After all, I’ve paid them off.  NO!  This will have a negative effect on your FICO score.  The more unused credit you have, the better!!!! Never close an account.

3.      Can I apply for a car loan at a number of places to find the best rate?  NO!  Too many inquiries at one time will temporarily drop your score.

Always discuss any possible changes to your credit cards or loans with your loan officer first.

We are here to help and be your resource!

Karen, Katie and Stephanie

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